Storm-rainbow photo: Ann Ordway photo
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‘Pineapple Express’ storm brings cold, wet weather to north valley

Staff Report~ 12/17/2014

NORTH VALLEY – Move over, Polar Express – the ‘Pineapple Express’ moving in from California took center stage on Saturday, Dec. 13. This storm brought wind, rain, hail, and significantly colder temperatures to the north valley.

Anthem saw some of the heaviest rainfall, reporting nearly half an inch of rain in one afternoon. The Vistancia area also got half an inch of rain. Cave Creek and Carefree received about 0.4 inches of rain.

The storm also brought hail in some areas. Snow fell in northern Arizona near Flagstaff; northeastern Arizona received about five inches of snow.

The winter weather brought in by the ‘Pineapple Express’ storm is caused by a weather pattern that brings warm, moist area from the Hawaii area of the Pacific Ocean (hence the ‘pineapple’ moniker) and combines this warm, moist air with winds along the northwest coast. This combination brings rain and sometimes snow and can cause flooding and mudslides, as has been the case in California.

North valley temps are predicted to remain in the low 60s this coming week, with a chance of further rain. A white Christmas may be a bit out of the question, but a wet Christmas may be a possibility.