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Dreamchaser rescue relocated; rescue in need of new barn

Staff Report~ 12/17/2014

NORTH VALLEY – Dreamchaser Horse Rescue has officially relocated to Falcon, Miss. The rescue is reaching out to local supporters now to help construct a new barn for the animals.

The rescue left Arizona on Oct. 27 and made the trip to Missouri in two days. The rescue animals love the room to roam on the new ranch. The weather has been very cold, however, and volunteers need funds to construct a new barn.

A dairy barn on the Missouri property is providing shelter for the miniature horses and shade for the horses, but a full-size barn is needed. The rescue plans to start with the shell of a barn and construct temporary stalls until enough money is raised to build out the barn. However, Dreamchaser reports, just the shell of a 40’x100’ barn costs $40,000.

Dreamchaser is asking for donations from their Arizona friends to help keep the horses safe and warm in Missouri. Donations can be made through the Dreamchaser Web site,