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Seeing Clearly Through Expression


Shea Stanfield
Arts Columnist

Paul Klee, one of the best known artists in expressionism, cubism, and surrealism in the twentieth century, once observed, “Art does not reproduce what we see, rather it makes us see more clearly.” In the same spirit, local artist Rani Primmer explores, experiments, observes, and paints to help us “see” our external and internal lives more clearly.

Growing up in the open spaces of Iowa, Rani reminisces about spending her days wandering freely around the farm, sitting on the dock while sunfish nibbled at her toes, enjoying family bonfires, and pondering the larger questions of life in the branches of mulberry trees. All the while she was never without her pencils and sketchpad, recording reflections, impressions, and the ever changing moods of nature. Rani credits her mother, a prolific artist, with introducing her to a variety of mediums and guiding her through countless art projects during those years. She remembers the living room filled with huge canvases of abstract art and outbuildings filled with copious amounts of clay, glass, and welding experiments that transformed common materials into wind chimes and large found object sculptures. Rani knew, even then, this was the way she wanted to be in her life, always the explorer of art and nature.

Today, Rani builds her body of work drawing from life’s experiences and experimenting with a variety techniques and mediums. She has her sketchbook in hand, whether it is chillin’ in a coffee shop or sitting on the side of a mountain under the shade of a tree. For Rani, art is just who she is. She remarks, “I tend to see the beauty in people and nature in terms of color, light, texture, and form. For me, the intentional pause and reflection needed to know peace in life is found in the space of creativity and conscious attempts at being present in the moment. In this way we can connect the pieces of ourselves to the whole of who we are.”

Rani Primmer and her work, full of joy, line, light, and color, can be found at the Fountain Festival of Arts & Crafts in November, as well as On The Edge Gallery on 5th Avenue in Scottsdale, year round; visit their web site at for days, times, and special events. To view Rani’s work online or to contact her, visit her web site at

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