Pictured left to right are KimberlyAnn, Tyler, Jessica, Sedona Rose, and Joey Alford. They’re working on making hats to donate to those in need.
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Giving back: Local family weaving hats to donate

Staff Report~ 12/10/2014

NORTH VALLEY – The Alford family is making winter a little warmer for those in need.

Local residents KimberlyAnn Alford, her husband Wes, and their four children are weaving hats to donate to Phoenix Children’s Hospital patients, hospice patients, and Valley shelter residents. So far, they’ve donated nearly 100 hats. They plan on donating about 100 more before Christmas.

KimberlyAnn described the start of this giving project,

“A Swip-Swap friend gave me my first loom,” she said. “I loved it right away!”

From there, the idea of making and giving away hats was born.

“A dear friend was dealing with cancer,” KimberlyAnn said. “We gave her hats, and she really appreciated it.”

The family now has four looms, and they often work together on hats: picking yarn colors, weaving with the looms, and helping each other with the difficult spots. Joey, 10, Tyler, 9, Sedona Rose, who will be 8 on Dec. 23, and Jessica, 3, all enjoy helping out and sharing their creations.

As the family sat together weaving and chatting on a Friday afternoon, Sedona Rose picked out fuzzy yarns to weave.

“It’s Fuzzy Friday!” she proclaimed, laughing.

Each child helps with the weaving to their ability, with their mom there to lend a hand when needed. Three-year-old Jessica waits for each row to be woven, then asks if she can push down the row on the loom to make room for the next. Jessica’s favorite hats to make are soft, cozy infant caps.

“Little baby hat,” Jessica said, holding up a tiny blue hat she helped her mother weave. When the last batch of hats was delivered, Jessica got to see a baby wearing one of the caps she had helped make.

The hats are woven in a rainbow of colors and a range of sizes, from infant to adult. The Alfords purchase most of the yarn, looking for sales and special colors and varieties. Friends who want to help out with the hat-making project donate some of the yarn, as well; donations of yarn are always appreciated.

Each hat takes around two hours to weave, depending on size. Last weekend, the family made 10 hats. KimberlyAnn works on the hats with the kids, when the kids are at school, and whenever she has a free moment, often at night. She plans to have a large batch of hats ready to donate in the next few weeks.

“We’re planning to take the next batch down to the hospital soon,” KimberlyAnn noted. “We want to get them down there before Christmas.”

The Alfords make the hats to give away, never to sell. KimberlyAnn says she’ll always be willing to give one away to someone who needs it. She wants to be able to help as many people in need as possible.

“We’ve been fortunate to have help when we needed it,” KimberlyAnn said. “We want to give to others who need help.”

The Alfords welcome donations of yarn. If you would like to donate hat-making supplies, contact KimberlyAnn at KA@ArizonaFacePainters.com or through Facebook, Arizona Face Painter A Little Bit of Face Paint & Glitter.