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Foothills Academy raises funds for Phoenix Children’s Hospital


NORTH VALLEY – Foothills Academy students have raised $2,766.16 to donate to Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

Each year, Foothills Academy spends a great deal of time researching local charities and then chooses one to sponsor. This year, Phoenix Children’s Hospital was the selected charity. According to Foothills Academy, each year, 300 patients get a new diagnosis of cancer at Phoenix Children’s Hospital and every day about 90 patients receive chemotherapy and other treatments at the Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders. The students and staff of Foothills Academy were astonished at how high these numbers were and wanted to help raise funds for this outstanding hospital.
The students at Foothills Academy decided to jump on board and “Go Gold” for the month of September; the Student Council, National Honors Society, and National Junior Honors Society came up with several ways to raise funds. Students decided on a dress-down day for which students paid to wear gold (yellow), and each classroom had their own collection jars and the one that collected the most could “put their teacher in jail for the day.” Other activities included a breakfast item sale in the mornings, a fun lunchtime treat sale, and on the final day, a coin collection in the drop off and pick up lines at school.  

It was amazing to see how excited these students were to be supporting this cause. Several students would show up early to volunteer at the breakfast sale and many students gave up their lunchtime to volunteer at the special treat sale. When the day came where the students could donate to PCH and dress in gold, it looked like a sea of gold throughout the hallways.  

The final push came and literally dozens of students were signed up to take collections during drop off and pick up times. They ran from car to car with jars and smiles!  The excitement was now not just with the students, but with the proud parents as well.  

Foothills Academy is proud of the kindness, commitment, and dedication the school and students have shown.  The school offered special thanks to Matt Mower, Manager of the Cave Creek Wal-mart, who graciously jumped on board to support Foothills Academy by providing multiple donations.