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Local band to release first album next year


Elizabeth Medora

ANTHEM – The Guerilla Party Band is on their way to the big time. This locally-based band recently returned from a trip to Nashville, where they began recording their first album. Local teens Jarod Jackson, Serge Droban, and D’Mitri Droban will be headed back to Nashville this spring to continue working on the album. 

The Guerilla Party Band was founded in 2014. Band members describe Guerilla Party as a “chill band” that “Muse, System of a Down and Rage Against the Machine.” They’ve played at multiple venues throughout Arizona and are now expanding their focus. Their first album is expected to drop this summer.

Brothers Serge and D’Mitri have been making music together since they were kids. They started doing shows together at local venues, which is where they met Jarod, as well as their manager, David Henry. Jarod, D’Mitri, and Serge stayed in touch after their initial meeting, and eventually the brothers asked Jarod to “come in and audition.” The rest is history!

With thousands of followers on Twitter and Facebook who can’t get enough of the Guerilla Party sound, the band felt the timing was right this year to get working on an album.

“We wanted to get the ball rolling and have something for our fans to listen to and be able to download,” band manager David, of DH Music Management, said. “It was a good first experience for them. So now we’re getting ready and looking forward to doing a lot of touring in 2016.”

David got involved with Guerilla Party after hearing the band play. He noted that his musical experience has helped him learn about the industry and that he wanted to help the band grow. He and his wife Heidi are also providing Web site and social media resources for the band.

Referring to helping bands grow, David said, “I’m always willing to give advice or just help out.”

While in Nashville, the band members met their producer and, as Serge put it, “got to see behind the scenes.”

“Nashville went really well,” Serge added.

Since the band members are all teens, they’re working their tour schedule around school time, switching to online school and keeping the tour schedule mainly to the summertime. The love of what they do and how well the band members mesh together keeps Guerilla Party going.

David describes the band as knowing “the theory of music.”

“They know what to do,” David said. “They know music.”

Follow the progress of Guerilla Party and listen to the band’s music online at,, and