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Magic of the Moment


Shea Stanfield
Arts Columnist

‘There is magic in our world, in every sunrise, fluttering leaf, the tiniest and most brilliant meadow flowers.  I paint what takes my breath away.” Arizona artist Lucy Dickens’s passion is to bring nature’s grandeur forth in her story-like approach to landscape painting.  To gaze into one of Lucy’s landscapes is like traveling to another time when all is serene and peaceful. Lucy is the daughter of a professional photographer father and an accomplished watercolorist mother. She was encouraged, as a child, to be a keen observer of the natural world, to create her own art, her own way. The family explored pristine wilderness areas both nationally and internationally, backpacking, hiking and camping their way through inspiration, to creation.  

Lucy’s family foundation has enabled her to launch her own successful fine arts career. Her technique of selecting an image, transforming it into a narrative pictorial on canvas while conveying scenes of beautiful tranquility, has become her signature style. 

“There is a story in these individual windows of time, a place where the viewer may find peace, serenity and a feeling of grace, I am a Fine Art Storyteller”, as Lucy described her approach to painting and her visual gift for her audience to enjoy.

Her artistic inspiration does not end with Arizona. Lucy and her husband travel frequently through various parts of the world. With her camera and journal as constant companions, she records the wine fields of Tuscany, the historic sites of Turkey and Israel and the stunning Greek Isles, all developed into a series of images that tell the story of each place.  Recently, Lucy and her husband have developed their own “story of place” moving into their new home in Carefree, AZ. They spent months renovating a once discarded and abandoned home into an enchanting Mediterranean villa, complete with a grand gallery space off the front, lushly landscaped courtyard; the gallery opens to Lucy’s working studio full of worldly work in progress.

This year, during the Hidden In The Hills Studio Tour, Lucy opens her beautiful home as a studio host. Joining her studio are award-winning gourd artist Beth Cox, of Quail Run Studio, Eileen Schnog an exceptionally gifted and popular jeweler, Rene Schnog, a master of spinning glass into beautifully elegant forms, and Tracey Saliba with her fanatically fun, recycled and new metal art forms for your garden. 

You are invited to step back in time, peruse the exciting works new works of four exquisitely talented artists and enjoy the finer points of the host’s stunning structural home renovation.  Each day after 3 p.m., during the tour, delicious light appetizers and wine will be served. The self-guided Hidden In The Hills Studio Tour will be from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Nov.18-20 and 25-27. For more information or a tour guide, visit or

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