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Dazzling, Laughter, and Adventure


Shea Stanfield
Arts Columnist

Author Nora Roberts wrote, “Life will be your treasure box, filled with the sparkle of laughter, the gleam of adventure, the shine of discovery, the flash of magic. And through all these jewels streams the steady glow of love.” This eloquently penned reflection is the perfect introduction to Sandy Schenkat, local Jewelry Designer. Sandy’s love of Swarovski crystals and Chakra/rainbow colors bring brilliance and balance to life’s energy.

Sandy, like many professional women, did not start her creative journey in jewelry design until mid-career. She spent 30 years working as a successful Real Estate Broker in South Florida. Twelve years ago, Sandy decided to leave the pressures of high-end sales and concentrate on a more creative path. Armed with a background in marketing, an eye for design, and a love of art, Sandy decided to take up the challenge of designing her own jewelry. In 2005, Sandy became affiliated with Luxe Jewels, a California based company.  She was trained by their top designers in the creation of fine jewelry and soon became a company representative.

Sandy launched her own jewelry business by creating Heart and Soul Gems using Swarovski Crystals in her new design line. In 2009, Sandy became Xanadu Gallery’s exclusive jewelry designer, a position she would enjoy through 2015. Also, during this time, Sandy developed a line of jewelry designs with a spiritual emphasis through the creation of charka jewelry. These designs have been a main stay in combination with her hearts, angels and butterfly pieces, at Storm Wisdom in Phoenix and the Angel Store, on 5th Avenue in Scottsdale.

In April 2015, Sandy suffered a brain aneurysm, which presented her with a whole new set of challenges in reassembling the building blocks of her independent lifestyle. After months of rehabilitation and persistent, focused therapy she returned to her jewelry design business. In January 2016, Sandy took up her volunteer work with Virginia Piper Center as a jewelry instructor for cancer survivors through the Body, Mind and Spirit Center.  Involvement is important to Sandy’s vision of “community”; therefore in conjunction with her teaching, she is a member of Scottsdale’s Tourism Advisory Task Force. She also volunteers with the Scottsdale Performing Arts Center gift store and will be part of the Nov. 26 “Small Business Saturday Art Market from 12-8 p.m. For more information on this event and this season’s “Scottsdazzle”, visit and/or

To view more of Sandy Schenkat’s jewelry designs, visit her website at Sandy can be contacted by e-mail at or by phone at (480) 268-9200.