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Candidate Bob Stambach

Savannah Tidd~ 10/29/2014

NORTH VALLEY – Bob Stambach is running for the DVUSD governing board because he feels that he can add perspective and order to the workings of the board and district.

“We have important things to deal with, and we need to stay focused on what’s best for the students,” Stambach emphasized. “I started regularly attending Governing Board meetings over two years ago. I’ve watched the proceedings and the decisions that have been made, along with the behavior of board members and the public.”

Stambach says he has been “appalled” at what he has witnessed at these meetings.

“We do everything we can to keep our children from bullying and being bullied, yet I’ve witnessed just that sort of thing occur in many of these meetings,” he said. “I believe we need to put a stop to that behavior, and with my experience and skills in conflict resolution, my negotiating skills, and my professional demeanor, I believe I can help keep some calm and some order within the board.”

Stambach sees several issues facing the district.

“Teacher workload, student count, and compensation are major areas of concern not only for this district but throughout the entire educational system,” Stambach noted. “With 25 years of corporate experience mostly in senior management roles, overseeing large organizations like this district, I have learned that quick, simple solutions are not the best answer in the long run. Considerable thought has to be given to the consequences of major decisions, and that is often ignored. “

Stambach holds a degree in Finance and Risk Management and has years of corporate experience, as well extensive DVUSD volunteering experience.

Referring to the DVUSD, Stambach said, “In order to effectively run an organization like this, you need to be able to delineate fact from perception and always remember that the numbers relate to people whether student count, employees, salaries, or whatever.”

If elected, Stambach wants to help the board calmly deal with conflict.  

“It is my belief that when we resolve as a board to do the right things in its entirety, that it will become more civil, productive, professional, and finally able to focus on our most important area – and that is the wellbeing of our students.”

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