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Candidate Kimberly Fisher

Savannah Tidd~ 10/29/2014

NORTH VALLEY – As an 18-year resident of the DVUSD, Kimberly Fisher is running for the governing board to tackle the issue of disconnect between parents and the district.

“I have been involved with my children’s education at the school level,” Fisher related. “I started attending the board meetings earlier this year because some questionable things were happening in Special Education. I noticed immediately that there were issues in the administration of the district and each board meeting was filled with manipulations and arguments.”

As Fisher continued to attend meetings and research district issues, parents began seeking her advice.

“As parents began to turn to me and I was able to help some of them, several asked if I would consider running for the board to use my experience and education to help ensure sound decisions are being made and families/staff are being listened to,” Fisher said.

The disconnect from the community is one of three issues Fisher identifies as primary concerns for the district; she also lists limited funding and employee retention as top concerns.

“School district funding has been limited for some time,” Fisher noted, adding that she feels that funds need to be gotten into classrooms and that non-tax options need to be utilized.

“Through the use of cooperative agreements and external funding sources, base funding can be used to a greater extent in the classroom or for direct education of children,” said Fisher.

Fisher wants to see the DVUSD become known as a ‘Desired Employer,’ which she says is achieved through “empowerment of the employee and “increased site-based governance.”

“Employees at each site and the families they work with know best what issues they are facing and often they have manageable solutions if they are given the opportunity to provide input.”

Fisher feels she has the background to help move the district forward.

“My experience includes significant experience in HR, school finance, contract negotiations and management, legal compliance, and administration of special needs habilitation programs.”

If elected, Fisher aims to strengthen community partnerships.

“I believe we need strong district, school, parent, and community partnerships.  To create and build these relationships requires active communication between all parties concerned.”

To see more about Kimberly Fisher, visit www.kimfisher4