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Candidate Ann O’Brien

Savannah Tidd~ 10/29/2014

As the elections for being on the DVUSD governing board quickly approach, candidate Ann O`Brien stresses her desire to better students` educational experience.

Mother of two; four year Parent Teacher Student Association president; and founding member of the Academy of American Studies at Sandra Day O`Connor High School, O`Brien devotes her time to enhance school systems for students.

“I am committed to ensuring students are provided with an excellent education along with opportunities to enable them to succeed in a competitive world beyond high school,” said O`Brien.

She hopes to further increase her involvement by being elected to the governing board so that decisions are made in the best interest of the students, according to O`Brien.

The Nov. 4 elections will give O`Brien a chance to fulfill her goals and work to resolve issues facing the district.

“The District's greatest challenge is providing a high quality education that fosters student achievement,” said O`Brien, “while striking a balance between a limited budget and the need for responsible use of taxpayer resources.”

Her passion for the improvement of her community stems from her own children. She started in 2004 cutting, collecting, and counting tons of small misshaped Box Tops at Stetson Hills School in her kid’s classrooms, but she yearned to do more than just be a Box Top mom.

She became consumed with helping and doing what was right for the children of the entire district. Out of that consumption came a compassion and concern that continues to grow today.
Ten years she has been involved in the district, and for ten years she has advocated excellence for all children.

“My experiences with the District provided me invaluable knowledge which will allow me to establish relationships with various stakeholder groups while continuing to solve issues facing the District,” said O`Brien.

With the elections almost near, O`Brien hopes to increase her contributions to the DVUSD community.