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Candidate John Allen

Savannah Tidd~ 10/29/2014

NORTH VALLEY – Governing board candidate John Allen wants to see the DVUSD address budget shortfalls and help ensure that district employees make a living wage.

“We can’t have effective learning without quality teachers,” Allen said. “District employees have lost ground in salaries and respect; many of them have to take on outside jobs just to support their families.”

Allen wants to see the district “reassess and realign budget priorities.” Teacher retention has been an ongoing issue in the district, and teacher pay is a component of that.

“The top concerns that I feel are facing the district are employee morale, employee compensation, and choosing authentic assessments that will demonstrate student growth,” Allen noted.

A ten-year resident of the DVUSD, Allen has worked in education both in the district and in other educational facilities.

“I have devoted 25 years to education as an academic advisor at the college level, a high school teacher, a high school administrator, and coach at both the college and high school levels,” Allen said, listing his background for the governing board position. “I believe that those experiences have prepared me for a governing board position, as I bring a specific educational perspective to the job.”

Allen feels that the district needs to readdress dealings with teachers and staff. If elected, he wants to help show teachers that the district values them as high-quality educators.

“I have been disappointed with the way employees have been treated over the last several years, and I felt it was time to correct the situation,” Allen said. “Too many teachers are leaving the district each year, causing a shortage of highly qualified and fully certified teachers for our students.”

John Allen does not have a campaign Web site.