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Diamond Canyon School hosts Boosterthon Fun Run


ANTHEM – On Oct. 14, more than 665 K-5th grade students ran in the Boosterthon Fun Run at Diamond Canyon School. More than 380 6th through 8th grade students ran in the Boosterthon Color Run at Diamond Canyon School, as well. 

The Boosterthon Fun Run was the culminating event of the 9-day Boosterthon program themed "Backyard Box Office," where students learned from five real-life, inspiring students, whose world-changing ideas will prepare Anthem students to implement their own ideas.  

During the Boosterthon program, students at Diamond Canyon School learned the five steps to making a difference in their community. Five documentary-style videos taught students how to find a need, write a plan, rally a team, launch it now, and grit it out through the stories of five kid difference-makers.  

From the hard work of the students and the community, Diamond Canyon School is projected to profit more than $30,000 from the Boosterthon Fun Run. These funds raised will go towards classroom enhancements at the school.