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Candidate Trilese DiLeo

Staff Report~ 10/22/2014

NORTH VALLEY – Trilese DiLeo developed a passion for education when she had a son with special needs. One of six candidates running for the two available Deer Valley Unified School District Governing Board seats, DiLeo states her goal as “trying to effect positive change for all children.”

DiLeo refers to leadership as the most pressing concern she currently has within the district, noting the need for “accountability and transparency within the leadership.” As a parent of a child in the Deer Valley school system, she feels that changes need to be made in the way DVUSD leadership addresses concerns of parents and teachers.

As a Marine Corps veteran and long-time businesswoman with a masters degree in business management and bachelors in marketing, DiLeo feels she has the resources to offer good leadership. In working with the Phoenix and Scottsdale Chambers, DiLeo helped develop a program that networked teachers with community businesses to help cultivate “real world application in teaching.” She runs an affordable housing program with government financial audit requirements and describes herself as “familiar with how detail-oriented the government is in financial matters.”

A DVUSD ‘native,’ DiLeo grew up in DVUSD schools, including Desert Winds, Constitution, Esperanza, Deer Valley Middle School, and Barry Goldwater High School. She noted that when she attended DVUSD schools, they were highly acclaimed, and teachers tended to stay working within the district. Teacher retention is a hot-button issue in the DVUSD, as the district has lost several hundred teachers and other staff members in recent school years.

DiLeo has planned an exit-interview program for staff leaving the DVUSD, noting that while pay is important, the board needs to “look beyond just the pay.” She wants to offer teachers incentives and “help them feel more valued and respected.”

If elected, DiLeo says she wants to “be that member who anybody can come to and say, ‘Hey, can you look into this.’” She feels that those who “come with a concern should get it addressed.”

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