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Candidate Darcy Tweedy

Staff Report~ 10/22/2014

NORTH VALLEY – Governing board candidate Darcy Tweedy is running for a reason – she’s a teacher and has a self-described “passion for education.” Tweedy has taught kindergarten through college classes and holds a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education with a Reading Emphasis and a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education, with Early Childhood Concentration. She also has three children who are DVUSD students.
School funding is a top concern for Tweedy.

“Educational funding is always a challenge, so it is imperative that the limited resources be allocated thoughtfully and responsibly,” she said. “My top priorities are ensuring educational funds are spent efficiently to maximize the dollars that reach the classroom, as well as employee retention and community relations.”

Tweedy noted that the district has a budget deficit but that the board has approved five director positions. 

“A school district has a duty to operate as efficiently as possible to ensure maximum education dollars reach the classrooms,” Tweedy said.

Tweedy also addressed the district’s plans for a new school in the Sonoran Foothills.

“The district’s enrollment has declined for several years,” she noted. “Consequently, there are nine under-enrolled schools. Spending millions of dollars on new schools and costly renovations without a plan for the nine under-enrolled schools is fiscally irresponsible. It is not a sustainable model to operate schools below capacity and continue to build new schools.  I would insist the governing board and district administration seek community input, study the issue, and create a comprehensive plan before beginning any more costly construction projects.”

As a teacher, Tweedy is well aware of how many teachers have left the district.

“Over 600 teachers have left the district during the past two years!” Tweedy said. “High quality education cannot happen without high quality teachers in the classroom.” She proposes exit interviews for resigning employees to identify issues, then using that data to form an action plan.

“As the mother of three Deer Valley students, I have a commitment to this district,” Tweedy said. “I believe my educational background would provide the strong leadership necessary as the Deer Valley Governing Board makes pivotal decisions to conquer these challenges.”

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