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Black Canyon Heritage Park drains pond for restocking


BLACK CANYON CITY – The Black Canyon Heritage Park has been drained for the next several weeks to remove some non-native fish, mainly the ‘mosquitofish’, which are threatening the native Gila topminnow, which is actually a better mosquito killer. 

Mosquitofish are the main threat to the Gila topminnow populations through direct predation on larvae and juveniles and increased incidence of disease in adult Gila topminnow due to attacks and fin shredding by mosquitofish.

Gila topminnow are desirable because they are effective mosquito control agents, as effective as mosquitofish. The Gila topminnow are native to this area. This species is endangered, and this population will also be used to help with species recovery efforts elsewhere.

In comparison, mosquitofish are undesirable because they out-compete native fish and further endanger native species, eat other mosquito predators, easily spread and contaminate native habitats, and reduce biodiversity.

When the pond is refilled in early November, they will restock it with new native Gila topminnow and the saved desert pupfish.

Help protect native fish and keep the Black Canyon Heritage Park mosquitofish free. See more about this project at or