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APS shares design plans for Daisy Mountain substation


ANTHEM – In the next few months, APS will begin construction on a new substation east of 43rd Ave., in Anthem. Design plans for the walls surrounding the substation have now been released.

According to an Oct. 7 release, the engineering and design phase is nearing completion. The construction phase will begin in December and will run through May 2017. Transmission line construction will begin in January 2017.

The substation will be located east of 43rd Ave., north of Samples Lane and immediately south of the Daisy Mountain Post Office. The electrical substation will be a walled-in facility containing switches, transformers and other electrical equipment and supporting structures; the substation transformers convert 69,000 volts (69 kV) to 12,000 volts (12 kV).

Next year, APS will begin construction of the 10-ft block walls around the perimeter of the substation. The walls are designed to be fairly similar in texture and color to the residential development west of 43rd Ave. According to APS, the substation landscaping will be xeriscape in accordance with City of Phoenix permitting requirements and will blend in with the area’s existing landscape design. Additional landscaping will be placed along the 43rd Avenue side of the substation.

The substation will be served by new overhead 69kV transmission lines that will cross Interstate 17 at Teresa Lane, north of Anthem Way. APS will be installing these new 69kV power lines on rust-colored, steel poles approximately 65-75 feet high. Additionally, new 12 kV power lines will be installed underground along 43rd Avenue to provide electricity to homes and businesses in the area. This work is planned in the March/April 2017 timeframe.