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Local author explores “Legacy of Genetic Tampering”


Shea Stanfield
Arts Columnist

“Is this the legacy of genetic tampering or a terrorist attack with weaponized rabies?
As madness consumes the Valley of the Sun, a group of family and friends will run the gauntlet to escape the city.” Phoenix author Linda Andrews writes in a variety of genres: Romance, Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Humor. Her work is riveting and imaginative and much of the time uses historical facts and contemporary issues that are explored in eerily possible scenarios.

Born in Baltimore, Maryland and growing up in Glendale, Arizona, Linda had many examples of creativity around her. Everyone in her family was involved in something artistic, including painting, drawing, collage, and even writing. While growing up, she would draw to tell her stories. At one point, Linda learned her father had actually written a mystery in the style of Dashiell Hammet. The manuscript was found tucked away in the back of a closet; she said she didn’t know if it was ever submitted for publication. Some of the fondest memories were the stories her mom and dad wrote for the family to enjoy. So, she decided to try her hand at it and turned her pen from drawing to writing down her thoughts.

The art of writing has become a surprising passion, later in life, for Linda. Growing up, she spent hours reading in the genre of mysteries greats as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, MM Kaye, and Elizabeth Peters riveted to the story line, plot twists, and cleverness of their characters. She reflects that after all that reading, she does not write mysteries of her own. Linda moved from short stories to novel writing, as an adult, by dictating a story into a tape recorder.

Linda lives in north Phoenix and worked at one time in Casa Grande, so on her hour and a half drives each way she had plenty of time to lay down a story line. Soon, she joined the Romance Writers of America and began learning the craft of writing.  Linda shares that writing is hard work for her, especially with fiction. She is educated as a scientist, and while she understands how to tell a story, the mechanics of storytelling took some work to get it right.

Linda chooses writing for much the same reason many of us choose to read: it presents to us a world of possibilities. For Linda, it allows her to share her passions and express thoughts and ideas in a fictional manner. Although she writes in a variety of genres, there is one consistent thing in all her stories: Hope. By holding the lantern of hope, it keeps alive the glimmer of a chance that with courage she and the characters will continually move forward.

To date, Linda Andrews has over 44 books to her credit. Her first indie release “Redaction” was a bestseller, and her latest “Hadean: Threshold of Extinction” is on its way. Her books are sold at Dog Eared Pages Books in Phoenix, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon. To see full listings, stay current on upcoming author events, and see what’s in the works, visit,,, or blog

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