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Mark Holland, the founder of Autumn’s Child will perform at 6:30 p.m. Oct. 8 at Cave Creek Museum. The Native American flute player will perform pieces from the group’s latest album “Balance”. The concert opens the Fall season at the Cave Creek Museum, which is located at 6140 E Skyline Drive in Cave Creek.

Concert opens fall season at Cave Creek Museum

Cave Creek Museum will open the Fall 2010 season with a performance by a man that has been dubbed, “The Jimi Hendrix of the Native American Flute.”
While he is appreciative of the compliment Mark Holland is quick to point out that he won’t be setting his instrument ablaze during the course of his performance which will get under way at 6:30 p.m. Oct. 8.
“It was a peer of mine that made the Jimi Hendrix comparison, but I assure you it’s not a comparison to his onstage antics,” Holland said. “I don’t have any of Jimi’s flamboyance, but it was a compliment about my innovative, creative style. It’s about my knowledge of my instrument.”
For Holland, who started his group “Autumn’s Child” in 1995, the performance will be his second in Cave Creek.
After playing the concert flute for years Holland was drawn to the Native
American flute.
“It was mainly the sound,” he said. “It has a haunting beauty to it. I wanted to do something totally different.”
While he will be performing solo at the museum on Oct. 8 the flutist has a habit of mixing in a variety of instruments to accompany him.
With Autumn’s Child he said the group plays a mix of global chamber music, a hybrid of world, jazz, classical and folk styles.
With 16 albums under his belt Holland said he will be playing from the latest album, “Balance”.
“The idea of balance is key in every area of life,” he said. “The music is a balance of groove oriented tunes and meditative type music.”
Holland said that fans of the music have come from all walks of life.
“It’s always been an interesting mix,” he said. “It’s accessible music. I think people are intrigued by its very different sound. The overall feeling of what we’re doing is relaxing, but there’s a movement going on. I don’t ever want to create music that anyone would go to sleep to. The music is a little more intricate in some ways. It’s still got a relaxing feel to it. It’s kind of like Pink Floyd. They created music that was slow, but it still had an
energy to it.”
Holland said his music is often inspired by the beauty of nature.
“When I got around to coming up with a name for the group Autumn has always been a season that has been a creative time for me from year to year,” he said. “That time of year is famous for the texture and color in nature and that’s what I think makes our music what it is.”
Tickets for the concert are $20 per person; $15 for seniors (age 60 and over); and $10 for children under 12. Museum members receive a $2 discount. Seating is limited. For information on Holland’s group go to
In addition to the concert Cave Creek Museum is planning several events during the season, including a “Miner’s Dinner” fundraiser for its Stamp Mill in November, Antiques Appraisal Days in January, Authors’ Month in February, and a Home Tour in March as well as numerous new exhibits. For information, call 480-488-2764, or visit