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Town of Carefree seeks residents’ input

Staff Report~ 9/24/2014

CAREFREE – The Town of Carefree is working to create a master plan for Carefree’s Town Center, and they need the community’s help. 

As plans progress for a revitalized Town Center, the Town of Carefree is seeking residents’ input via an online survey. The survey results will help shape the master plan and create a stronger commercial district that will enhance Carefree’s business appeal. 

The survey is part of a comprehensive Town Center master plan and market analysis that will be used to identify opportunities to attract and retain the types of businesses that will compliment Carefree’s commercial district, enhance the city’s quality of life, and help meet the consumer demands of the region. The survey should only take 12 minutes to complete and is completely anonymous.

To take the survey, visit or