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MCDOT working on storm-damaged roadways

Staff Report~ 9/17/2014

PHOENIX – Maricopa County Department of Transportation is working to restore flood-damaged roadways and structures. During the Sept. 8 storm, MCDOT radio dispatch logged nearly 400 urgent trouble calls. Crews were quickly deployed and onsite setting up life-saving barricades and flashing lights at flooded roadways and swollen wash crossings.

Being prepared for heavy summer rain storms is a complex operation. MCDOT crews undergo strategic preparation, planning, and training. When a storm is on the way, the MCDOT radio dispatch center is placed on emergency response status, and trucks are assigned and loaded. Trouble calls are prioritized. All are poised and ready to respond to roadway hazards and traffic emergencies as soon as a call comes in.

Adding to the complexity is that, depending on the weather, there may be a second or third storm before a full recovery from the first storm can occur. Even with all the best preparation it can take days, even weeks to fully recover from roadway storm damage, especially in outlying areas of the county.

“MCDOT is committed to ensuring the safety of our traveling public 365 days a year, day or night,” said Denny Barney, Chairman of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors. “Should we have additional rainfall, please be prudent. Don’t risk crossing flooded washes. Even though it may appear to be running only a few inches deep, the roadway may be undermined and washed away, making the crossing much deeper than it appears.”

MCDOT Safe Driving Tips
Flooded Roadways and Washes
•Don’t Risk It!
•Never cross a rain-swollen wash
•Do not drive around roadway barriers
• Never underestimate the power and force of water

Inoperative Traffic Light/Power Outage
• Treat the intersection just like a four-way STOP!