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Anthem producer’s film to be shown at Harkins Arrowhead


ANTHEM – KosterFilms, the production company of Anthem film producer Fred Koster, has released its first theatrical feature film, ‘Ride The Thunder.’ The film has already run in eight cities and will open at Harkins Arrowhead Theater on Friday, Sept. 11.

‘Ride The Thunder’ is a Vietnam-era film that chronicles the friendship between American military legend John Ripley and Vietnamese hero Le Ba Binh. The storyline follows their fight together against the communists during the Vietnam War and then the ensuing aftermath of the fall of Vietnam as Ripley goes home to a divided America and Binh is imprisoned in a communist re-education camp.

The film will run at Harkins Arrowhead for a week or more, starting this Friday. For more information on ‘Ride The Thunder,’ see Harkins Arrowhead Theater is located at Arrowhead Fountain Centre, 16046 N Arrowhead Fountains Center Dr, in Peoria.