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Carefree Town Council votes to purchase new council chambers


Tara Alatorre

CAREFREE – The Carefree Town Council unanimously approved the $407,400 purchase of a two-story 3,750 square-foot building during its regular council meeting last month on Aug. 17, for the purpose of permanently relocating the council chambers sometime next year.

The newly purchased building on 33 Easy Street will be the future location of the town council meetings and house administrative offices, as well. Carefree will close the loan on Sept. 11, with the building appearing near new, and in good repair, according to the recent building inspection.

 “It (the inspection) came back extremely well,” said Mayor Les Peterson in an interview. “A few minor scratches, but other than that it was very clean.”

Currently, the town leases its council chambers, which is located in the building at 8 Sundial Circle, but the lease expires in July 2016. With last year’s court consolidation, the Carefree court was relocated to Cave Creek, and now the town is only utilizing half of the space it leases.

Mayor Peterson formed a committee with the purpose of analyzing the cost benefits of purchasing a building for the council chambers instead of leasing, and exploring the options available on the real estate market. He credited Councilman Mike Farrar for “leading the charge,” on finding the new location.

 “The timing couldn’t be better,” said Councilman Mike Farrar about finding the new building on Easy Street.

With the building inspection complete, and the loan set to close soon, Carefree can expect to move into its newly remodeled council chambers by the time its lease expires in July 2016.

The town is “very fortunate” to have the opportunity to acquire a building with such “great bones” at the current price and with the market still being low, said Farrar at the Aug. 17 council meeting.

The 33 Easy Street building sits on a quarter acre with floor to ceiling windows that frame Black Mountain, and has plenty of parking to accommodate the town’s needs. The town will also receive a small income by continuing to rent a small second-story office to a tenant of the building.