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New River man arrested for animal abuse


NEW RIVER – A New River resident was arrested on Sept. 3 for animal abuse. James Wright, 29, was arrested after Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office Animal Crimes detectives discovered 13 dogs in extremely poor condition at the New River home Wright occupied with his mother. Detectives say charges may also be filed against Wright’s mother.

Sheriff’s detectives executed a search warrant at the home, located near New River Road and Fig Springs Road. In an MCSO release, the detectives described the 13 dogs at the home as “living inside the home, in their own waste, some blind, paralyzed, with open wounds, and emaciated.”

MCSO reported that Wright admitted during an interview with Sheriff’s detectives that some of the dogs had been bitten by rattlesnakes and said he “did not have any money to take the dogs to the vet.” One dog, a female pit bull, was found severely emaciated and had open wounds due to a rattlesnake bite. Wright reportedly told Sheriff’s detectives that he did not have money to care for the dog, and the dog refused to eat. However, the claim that the dog would not eat was disproven when detectives took the dog to a vet and she ate voraciously.

MCSO noted that sheriff’s detectives had been summoned to Wright’s home previously regarding animal cruelty and neglect. Wright had, in the past, rectified the situation after being spoken to by detectives.

Wright has been booked into jail, and further charges may be forthcoming as the investigation continues.