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Black Canyon City VFW Post getting complete renovation


Elizabeth Medora

BLACK CANYON CITY – The VFW Post 1796 in Black Canyon City is nearly 40 years old, and in the next few months, the building will be getting renovated and updated.

The VFW in Black Canyon City received its charter in 1968, and the building was constructed about a decade later. The building hasn’t been renovated since it was constructed. Improvements will include new windows and doors, a speaker system, a renovated ceiling, a new tile floor, and updated bathrooms. A patio is also being constructed just outside the bar.

Post Commander Ken Meyer has been working on this renovation since last May. He contacted Daniel Fricker, manager of the Tramonto Home Depot, for help in getting the needed funds and materials for the renovation. Fricker brought the need to the attention of Home Depot corporate and was able to obtain a $15,000 grant for the renovation.

“It’s motivating the community,” Meyer said of the renovation. He said the program is generating interest in the VFW and bringing the community together in support for veterans. He wants to reach out to all veterans who are “looking for a home,” and he’s encouraging new members to come in and check out the VFW. To learn more about Post 1796, call the post at (623) 374-9246.

Meyer is fairly new to the Black Canyon City post, having officially acted as commander since last June. Meyer, who is an Army veteran, has served in leadership throughout his Army career, including as a commander in Iraq. He and his wife had been travelling when Meyer, a disabled vet, ended up in ICU and stayed in the area after his hospital stay. Meyer got involved with the VFW and was elected to commander in just three days. He and his wife are now living in Black Canyon City, and they both are working to revitalize the VFW.

“My wife is super volunteer of the year!” Meyer said. Meyer said everyone at the VFW is an integral part of making things work.

“We have a great staff here,” he said.

The renovation will be worked on in the new few months, and Oct. 21 is planned as a large work day, and volunteers are encouraged to come by and help out.

As the renovation continues, Meyer is looking towards the future, with ideas like turning the VFW post’s kitchen into a restaurant and renovating the bar, which he calls “lofty goals for the future.” The ultimate goal is to keep the VFW going and bring in new veterans and their families. Meyer wants the post to be a place for all veterans.

“I would like to keep this place going for the next generation,” Meyer emphasized.

The VFW Post 1796 is located at 34801 Velda Rose Rd., in Black Canyon City. Call (623) 374-9246 for more information.