Scottsdale artist Ron Head was inspired to make a sculpture depicting a fire fighter carrying an angel following the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001. He recently donated the piece to the Carefree Fire Station.

Scottsdale artists donates sculpture to Carefree Fire Station
STAFF REPORT~ 9/7/2011

The Rural-Metro Fire Station in Carefree was the recent recipient of Courage and Faith, a bronze sculpture commemorating the ten year anniversary of the tragic events that took place on September 11, 2001.
The statue, depicting a fire fighter carrying an angel, was created and donated by artist Ron Head who was so moved while watching events unfold on his television that day, he immediately began creating the piece and finished it within three days after seeing the Twin Towers fall.
The art will be permanently installed and publicly displayed at the Carefree Fire Station, 37401 N. Tom Darlington Road, in Carefree. A commemorative plaque will accompany the sculpture that pays homage to the “brotherhood” of fire fighters, said Carefree Councilman Glenn Miller, a former fire fighter from Chicago.
Rural-Metro Fire Chief John Kraetz accepted the donation on behalf of the Town, along with Miller and Carefree Mayor David Schwan. The 32” sculpture will be installed with a pedestal and lighting near the door, in order to be seen by all who enter and exit the facility.
According to Head, the sculpture evolved quickly. “While watching the fire fighters go up the World Trade Center stairs, I felt immediately compelled to create a piece to honor their courage. At that time, I thought I would create the fire fighter carrying a victim to safety. Within hours, I realized that it was an angel that the fire fighter should be carrying, as a reminder that God’s guardian angels go with them every day, as they leave the station on every call.”
Head, who resides in Phoenix, is also a painter and muralist. His most recent work, The Healing Touch, is a sculpture that was inspired by his sister who is a registered nurse.
He was encouraged to donate Courage and Faith by his friend and fellow artist, Carefree resident Karen Smith-Lovejoy, who initiated and helped to coordinate the donation.