Captain America entertains fans

Bravery is a concept inherent to the superhero; however, it’s not always accepted with eager willingness. In the case of Captain America, the responsibilities of being a superhero couldn’t find him fast enough. In the film, Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) is denied military enlistment numerous times based on the fact that he wasn’t blessed with the most capable physique. All the young Rogers wants to do is fight for his country. With Rogers running out of places to enlist, including lies about his health history, he runs into Dr. Abraham Erskine (Stanley Tucci). Dr. Erskine is looking for the best candidate, which focuses on the soldiers’ character before ability, for a super-soldier program he is implementing to get the upper hand in WWII. The Doctor chooses Rogers and after some injections and light-ray therapy, Roger’s transforms into Captain America.
The film is an interesting mix of movie themes, the lore and mythology of the superhero, war and propaganda themes, and a sense of  ’60’s silver screen shine. Evans is admirable and charming in the lead role, but the supporting cast complements characters that otherwise would have been lost in the script. Tommy Lee Jones plays Col. Phillips with bravado and a quiet authority. Dominic Cooper, who is on the verge of breaking out, embodies Howard Stark (yes, Ironman’s Dad) with overwhelming confidence. The action is throughout but it’s in the quiet moments, for instance when Roger’s has to deal with the consequences of his choices, that the film really shines. It’s subtle writing and filmmaking, but it really adds cohesiveness to the film.
This film is very much a setup piece to next summers The Avengers, but it doesn’t feel like it. Though much of the subject matter has already been established in previous Avenger character films, one has to wonder whether this film would have fit better between the two Ironman movies? Nonetheless, it’s a summer popcorn movie that gives the audience more than they’d expect.
Also, stay till after the credits for an awesome surprise.

Monte’s Rating
4.0 out of 5.0