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Vietnam vet’s “wish fulfilled” with Veterans Memorial paver


ANTHEM – Every Anthem Veterans Memorial paver has deep meaning. Sr. Master Sergeant Monn’s paver is the newest addition to the Memorial and is the fulfillment of a last wish.

Last week, Veterans Memorial Support Team volunteer Liz Turner received a call from Rick Monn. Sadly, Rick's father, a Vietnam War (Tet Offensive) veteran, had been diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer with very little time left. Sr. Master Sergeant Monn had expressed a last wish: to have his service commemorated on a Memorial paver.

“Veterans mean so much to those of us on the Anthem Veterans Memorial Support Team, and fulfilling this last wish was foremost in our minds,” said Turner.

In hopes a rush order would be possible, the paver vendor, Laser Impressions, Sunnydale, Calif., was notified and the circumstances explained. Laser Impressions jumped into action and immediately engraved the paver. Twenty-four hours later, the paver was in Anthem. 

Within the hour, Mike Spinelli, a local Air Force veteran and friend of the Anthem Veterans Memorial, laid the paver on behalf of Sr. Master Sergeant Monn, who had been hospitalized the night prior. The paver is in place at the Anthem Veterans Memorial, and the Monn family has been sent all the photos to share with their father, fulfilling his wish.

Sr. Master Sergeant Monn’s paver joins 1,500 Memorial pavers, each commemorating a military member’s service. Thirty new pavers were laid at an Aug. 13 ceremony, each honoring bravery, sacrifice, and service.

If you would like to honor a veteran in your family, go to The deadline for pavers to be laid by Veterans Day is Aug. 30.

Every paver at the AVM holds a different story. All of the pavers represent heroes.