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Joy is Heartfelt


“Joy arises through heartfelt compromises, in the presence of patience, and the absence of apathy.” These are heartfelt words by local artist and poet Kim Walker.  Kim has discovered throughout her life the metaphoric lessons of the natural world. To honor the energy and insights Nature offers, Kim composes a short poem for each of her original paintings.

Beginning her life in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Kim’s family moved to Arizona when she was 16 years old. She has always loved the creative process of experimenting with painting techniques and collecting leaves, flowers, and objects from nature to include in her work. For a long time, the process was a hobby. But that all changed during the time Kim found herself driving her nine-year-old son, a child prodigy, to a local community college to attend classes. She decided to enroll herself as well to pursue an art degree. Kim completed her BFA in Painting from Arizona State University in 2001. She received her first gallery representation, even before she completed her degree, in 2000. 

Another turning point came, for Kim, during her last year of her degree program, with her mother’s passing. For the first time, swallowed in grief, Kim found herself seeking the solitude and nurturing of nature. During long hikes and periods of reflection, she came to realize what many busy and nurturing women ultimately come to terms with: she had never taken the time to really be quiet, spending time in reflection. Kim described it as, “I found myself going alone, for long periods of time, on hikes as a way to assuage my grief. I always loved nature; breezes began to feel like arms around me, colors were brighter and full of joy, the sun warmed my heart restoring hope and promise to my spirit.” This was the beginning of a strong commitment to integrate the elements of nature in her paintings. Kim wanted to share that inspiration with others.

Today, Kim works from her home studio in Arizona, as well as a studio at her family’s second home in Baja. The contrast of the dry desert surroundings with the peaceful ocean beaches continually inspire her; both are balancing and energetic in their own ways. Kim is consistently entering juried exhibitions as well as showing her work in galleries and invitational exhibits. A complete listing is on her Web site, She founded a Facebook business page, where she posts images and exhibit notices,

Kim also opens her studio to private tours by appointment. She works with clients on custom compositions, utilizing flowers from special events and objects of people’s lives. Moments like weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and memorials become lifelong keepsakes for families. Visit her custom creations Web site: for more information.

This fall, Kim joins On The Edge Gallery on 5th Avenue in Scottsdale as one of their co-op artists. Her work can also seen at Rene Taylor Gallery in Sedona, the Yuma Arts Center in Yuma, and The West Valley Arts Headquarters in Surprise. In November, Kim will be showing her work and meeting with visitors during the Sonoran Arts League’s Hidden in the Hills Studio Tour at the Costello’s Old Mill Studio. Discover how Kim’s “heart of her art….Nature” can inspire you. 

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