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Cody Canada and The Departed to perform at the Roadrunner


Elizabeth Medora

NEW RIVER – Country rocker Cody Canada and his new band The Departed will be playing at the Roadrunner on Thursday, Aug. 27.

Formerly the front man of Cross Canadian Ragweed, Canada is now touring with his Ragweed band mate Jeremy Plato to promote The Departed’s new album ‘HippieLovePunk.’ Canada fronted Cross Canadian Ragweed from 1998-2010. The band sold over a million albums in that time. Picking up where Cross Canadian Ragweed left off, The Departed first performed in December 2010.

“We’re doing about 170 shows a year,” Canada said, referring to The Departed band. “We do a lot of the old Ragweed songs. We have a lot of songs to pick from.”

Canada calls The Departed a “country-influenced rock band.”

“Americana is really what everybody calls our genre of music,” Canada said. “I’ve always thought it was a rock and roll band.”

As a songwriter, Canada takes his inspiration from the world around him.

“Really, I focus on what’s happening around me,” he said.

As a father to two little boys, he, like many parents, was frightened after the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. He noted that he thought about the differences in his life and his sons’, how parents have to worry about sending their kids to school now. He channeled some of his grief into songwriting, focusing on writing songs with a “take care of each other” message.

An Oklahoma native, Canada made his mark as a musician as a teenager, hitting it big after playing throughout Texas. Canada has toured in Arizona multiple times. The 2015 tour with The Departed has played all over the Southwest, with shows in California, Texas, New Mexico, Nevada, and Arizona, as well as throughout the Midwest.

In concert, The Departed plays a mix of styles and songs.

“We play mostly our stuff,” Canada noted. “We sometimes play covers,” he added, saying that they’ll perform classic country, then follow it with a Pearl Jam song.

“We play Willie Nelson to Neil Young,” he said.

Canada’s band mate Jeremy Plato brings a metal influence to The Departed’s music.

“He (Jeremy) and I have been playing music for 20 years,” Canada said. “He’s a huge metal fan. So there’s some metal influence.”

Fans of Canada and The Departed’s can purchase albums and other merchandise at the Roadrunner show.

“We got a whole rack of stuff – shirts, hats, vinyl records, CDs – all kinds of stuff,” Canada said.

Canada’s music is, in general, family-friendly and enjoyed by all ages.

“Our fans go from little kids to people in their 70s,” Canada said.

Don’t miss Cody Canada and the Departed at the Roadrunner on Thursday, Aug. 27. The show starts at 10 p.m. Purchase tickets at the door or online at

See more about The Departed and hear samples of their music at