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Daisy Mountain Firefighters Charities helps local family obtain a pool fence


Elizabeth Medora

NORTH VALLEY – When someone in the north valley community needs help, the Daisy Mountain Fire Department is there, for all kinds of situations and needs. The Daisy Mountain Firefighters Charities is donating a pool fence to a local family, and fence construction starts this week.

The Piper family lives in Anthem, and they’re looking forward to finalizing the adoption of two little boys who they have fostered for the past two years. The adoption plans hit a potential delay when the family was told that to complete the adoption, their pool needed to be fenced; the pool was considered acceptable during the fostering process, so this new requirement presented new challenges.

“At this time right now, I can’t afford it,” Barry Piper said, speaking of the fence. The family has already run into other financial difficulties, and adoption can cost thousands of dollars. The unexpected expense of a pool fence proved a challenge, and Piper asked the family’s case manager who has been helping them through the process for suggestions on what to do. The case manager told him about pool fence donations through other local fire departments, and Piper went to find out more from Daisy Mountain Fire Department.

Piper visited DMFD Station #142 in Anthem. The firefighter/EMTs there wanted to help this family get the fence they needed, and they connected the family to the Daisy Mountain Firefighters Charities, a non-profit organization of DMFD employees, families, and friends who help those in need. Gabe Alvarez, who is a DMFD crew member and serves as Secretary of the charity, met with the Piper family.

“We felt compelled to help,” Alvarez said. The Daisy Mountain Firefighters Charities met with Pool Barrier of Arizona and set up the installation of a pool fence. Pool Barrier of Arizona gave a discount for the installation, and the non-profit organization offered special thanks to the company for their assistance. August is Drowning Impact Awareness Month, and offering resources to help keep kids safe around water is a huge part of raising awareness.

This family is one of many who have been helped in some way by the Daisy Mountain Firefighters Charities. DMFD first responders often encounter people who have dealing with life-changing events after emergency situations, and the charity can step in and offer support and assistance to these families.

“We help out people within our community during a time of need,” explained DMFD firefighter and charity volunteer Todd Micetich. The charity has been operating for eight years, and in that time, the organization has helped families in all kinds of difficulties, including those affected by the August 2014 flood in New River.

Each year before Christmastime, the charity collects and donates toys to Maricopa County hospitals, including MIHS. Enough toys have been donated to last an entire year, so that when children who are injured or ill enter the hospital, they get to pick out a toy to make the experience a little easier on them.

“Our community is so giving,” said Jon Binsbacher, DMFD firefighter and charity volunteer, noting that with just four stations in the entire department, the charity has been able to supply an entire year’s worth of toys for the county hospital, which he says offers the chance to “make a difference in all those kids’ lives.”

The Daisy Mountain Firefighters Charities gets funding from DMFD employees who have a deduction from each paycheck for it, and all employees have chosen to participate and support the good work. Charity funding is also provided by donations and the Ignite the Night fundraiser, which is set for Aug. 27 at the Carefree Resort & Conference Center this year. The community is invited to attend this fundraiser, which will include drinks, dinner, and an auction, plus awards honoring longtime DMFD crew members. To purchase tickets for the fundraiser, call Jon Binsbacher at (623) 810-1550 or Wade Barter at (602) 505-2548.

Last Friday, Daisy Mountain Firefighters Charities representatives presented the Piper family with a check to cover the cost of the pool fence. The fence will be getting worked on this week. For the Piper family, this has been a huge blessing, and they plan on sharing the blessing as much as they can. Barry Piper said that Gavin, 4, and Liam, 2, are never allowed near the pool, but the family is very happy to be getting a pool fence to help ensure the active, inquisitive, and incredibly precious little boys’ safety.

Helping people in need is just what the Daisy Mountain Fire Department does, and the Daisy Mountain Firefighters Charities offers them another way to reach out to the community.

“It’s our way to give back,” Micetich said.

Find out more about the Daisy Mountain Firefighters Charities and the Aug. 27 Ignite the Night fundraiser at or