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Frank Riggs: ‘Strong sense of purpose’ in politics

Elizabeth Medora~ 8/13/2014

This is the second in a series of gubernatorial candidate profiles in The Foothills Focus. We welcome reader responses to these profiles; please email with comments.

NORTH VALLEY – Republican gubernatorial candidate Frank Riggs has a substantial list of things he feels need to be addressed in Arizona.

Riggs’ background in politics includes time as a representative in California. He has also served in the military and in the police force. He feels his experience and his self-described “strong sense of purpose” make him the right man for the job.

Riggs listed public safety, border security, stemming the tide of illegal immigration, border crime, and primary, secondary, and post-secondary education system as “important obligations.”

After years spent in California, Riggs moved to Arizona with his wife Cathy, an Arizona native, from Alexandria, Va.

“We moved into our home in north Scottsdale on July 4, 2002,” Riggs said, describing the move as providing them with a “beautiful home, beautiful amenities, and a view.”


“We have very real fiscal challenges in the state,” Riggs said when asked what he feels is the most pressing issue facing Arizona. “We need to fix the state budget and get state government back on sound financial footing.”

Riggs stated he would “stabilize Arizona’s state government finances and get our economy growing again.”

“I do not favor special interest loopholes, tax breaks, or any form of corporate welfare,” Riggs said, noting that he would “offer every Arizona business an incentive to create jobs.”

Riggs said he would implement “fundamental reform and simplification of our tax code, moving us in the direction of a flat income tax.”


Riggs has noted in public addresses that “securing the border is a matter of national defense.” He noted when interviewed that public safety and stopping illegal immigration was a concern. His border plan includes using the state national guard as a resource.


Riggs has been heavily involved in the formation of charter schools. He helped found Charter Schools Development Corporation, which funds and develops charter schools.

Riggs said he wants to “create school choice” and that charter schools offer choices.

He is opposed to the Common Core Standards Initiative, which is an initiative founded by education leaders across the country to focus on college readiness and standards for students.

“I would use the executive authority of the governor’s office to repeal it (Common Core) from day one,” Riggs emphasized. He did not say what curriculum he would choose to replace Common Core.

Summing it up

“I’m concerned about the future of my grandchildren’s generation,” said Riggs in response to why he was running for office, sharing that he has a new granddaughter who is just three weeks old.

Riggs said that both the state of Arizona and the country as a whole are “at a crossroads” and that he was seeking a return to “conservative values and limited government.”

“The challenge to those of us who aspire to positions of elected leadership is to try to create a better future for more hope and opportunity for future generations,” said Riggs.

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