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Paint Big and Be Free


Play often, paint big, and be free is the motto artist Pamela Dunmire lives and works by. Pamela reports she never knows what the piece will become until the journey is over and it reaches your soul. Over her long career, Pamela has learned to let imagination and intuition lead the way. Her work encourages consideration of a new mindset and challenges the viewer to explore a new vision in the way they “see” a scene. Pamela uses brilliant color, startling contrasts, and skillfully rendered textures to convey feelings to make common subjects visible in a new way.

The journey of imagination began for Pamela growing up on a lake in Michigan. She refers to herself as a water baby and loves the rhythm in the motion of waves and water. During this time, Pamela developed a deep appreciation for the vast expanses of open space and a love for the rural lifestyle. Art was always an important part of her family, life, and education. Pamela’s father was a commercial artist with his own advertising agency. In addition, he also painted fine art renderings for enjoyment and relaxation. Pamela spent hours as a young girl sitting by her father’s side watching him put paint to canvas. This was her first and earliest exposure to the systems and techniques of using color, composition, and perspective to make a compelling statement on an everyday subject. Pamela went on to become a social worker and child advocate. She used painting as her way to maintain a healthy outlook, balance, and to avoid burnout in a tedious and stressful career. Pamela describes it as her Yin to her Yang, taking feelings of sorrow and distress and manifesting them into something beautiful.

Today, ten years after moving to Prescott, Arizona, Pamela still feels her art reflects the soaring of the soul. She shares that she has always been a person who feels that each person has inner strength to be tapped during times of turmoil and crisis. As a contemporary artist, each one of her images explores how art and life reflect each other and serve as a creation to celebrate and enhance one’s life.

Pamela invites you to experience her work by visiting her Web site at Don’t miss the opportunity to stop by the Mountain Artist Gallery now through Aug. 12 to enjoy the exhibit “A Straight Line Curved” with participating artists Pamela Dunmire and Patty Lindsey.

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