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Show Me the Glint of Light


Anton Chekhov, one of the greatest writers of a captivating short story, once wrote “Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on a beautiful piece of glass.” In the same spirit and enthusiasm for the play of light and beauty in art, local artist Patty Dutton Lindsey creates shimmering glass pieces that promise to delight the most adventure taste in art collecting.

Patty Lindsey grew up on the West Coast as a self-described Navy Brat. Her family traveled and moved often with the obligations of service life; as a consequence, Patty developed a fascination with the art she found in the various regions they visited. Each area nurtured its own unique form of art: blown glass to painting, ceramics, and sculpture. Patty was especially attracted to glass. The vitality of color, its shimming revenues with light, and endless possibilities of form fascinated Patty, appealing to her sense of adventure and intrigue. 

Patty received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture from California State University at Fullerton. It was here that she met a professor who was a “true expressionist,” forcing her to think outside the box. During this time, Patty decided she wanted to learn how to weld, so she took a class and learned to do oxy, stick, and MIG welding. She also learned the technique of plasma cut metal. This program opened up vast possibilities for her art by introducing her to aspects of metal sculpture that she would eventually incorporate into her pieces with fused glass.  Patty would describe the partnering of these two very different mediums as “always an experiment and great adventure.” Recently, Patty has been mixing her fused art glass and metal sculpture together in glass wall art, with stunning and awe-inspiring results.  She is obviously very successful, as she has clients from all over the U.S. purchasing her creations for their private and corporate collections.

Today, since she moved from California to Arizona, Patty is constantly on the “creative move.” She maintains contact with one Gallery in Fallbrook for their Christmas Show and Cal State Fullerton Gallery for the alumni. Here in Arizona, Patty is in ‘Tis Gallery in downtown Prescott with the Mountain Artists Guild. She teaches classes and demos at her studio and loves working with students to develop their own imaginative techniques in glass. Patty also has clients all over the U.S. purchasing her creations for their private and corporate collections. 

To view Patty Lindsey’s work, to make a purchase, check her schedule of shows and exhibits, or to commission a piece, visit her Web site at Don’t miss Patty’s exhibit at the Mountain Artist Guild in the Spotlight room from July 17-Aug. 12, 2015, 228 N. Alarcon, Prescott, AZ.

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