Pictured are the winners of the Don’t Trash Arizona, Kids! campaign and Scottsdale mayor Jim Lane. 
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Scottsdale kids get tough on trash

Staff Report~ 7/31/2014

SCOTTSDALE – Littering is dangerous, disappointing, and disgusting, at least according to some pretty savvy Scottsdale kids.

Kids who completed the Don’t Trash Arizona, Kids! outreach campaign this summer are being featured in a new public service announcement, sharing their strong opinions about litter, how it affects the environment, and how to prevent it from happening all together. 

Don’t Trash Arizona, Kids!, a part of the Don’t Trash Arizona anti-littering campaign sponsored by the Maricopa Association of Government, offered workshops this spring at the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Scottsdale and challenged the children to apply what they had learned by writing an essay, shooting a video, or snapping photos about litter. Contest winners appeared in the PSA.

Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane congratulated the winners and showcased the PSA at a July 22 conference.

“These kids are Arizona’s future drivers, and it is really important to instill a strong, anti-littering message with them now, before they get their licenses,” Lane said. “We are thrilled to know that we have these intelligent and dynamic kids who are willing to act as ambassadors on behalf of Arizona’s environment.”