Saturday’s severe thunderstorm brought down this Palo Verde tree, blocking the driveways of the surrounding homes. This storm also caused power outages around the valley. 
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Power outages, landscape damage caused by monsoon storm

Staff Report~ 7/31/2014

PHOENIX – When it rains, it pours. The monsoon struck with a vengeance on Saturday night, causing power outages and storm damage around the valley.

The storm blew into the north valley around 11 p.m. on July 26. Gusty winds turned into a severe thunderstorm, reminiscent of the termed ‘1,000-year’ storm in Anthem almost exactly two years prior. Winds of 60 miles per hour were reported in the north Phoenix area. Over 0.5 inches of rain fell in about 30 minutes. Hail also fell intermittently during the worst of the storm.

The storm took down power lines in several areas across the valley. New River residents spent the night without electricity, as did many metro Phoenix residents. APS reported that 15,000 homes lost power due to the storm. Some Phoenix customers were still without power on Monday.

APS has offered to reimburse residents who purchased ice to preserve food. According to a July 27 tweet from APS, customers would be reimbursed for 40 pounds of bagged ice or 20 pounds of dry ice. For payment, mail receipts to APS, PO Box 53999, Sta. 3536 Phoenix, AZ 85072.

Additional monsoon storms may be on the way, as the season doesn’t officially end until the end of September. This has been a fairly dry monsoon season. High humidity has combined with high temperatures to produce record-breaking heat in the past week. Temperatures are predicted to continue to range between 100 and 110 in the coming week. More thunderstorms are predicted for this weekend.