Faisal Saleem, MCDOT ITS Branch Manager, speaks to visiting US Domestic Scan Program Group during MCDOT SMARTDrive demonstration in Anthem on July 22.
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MCDOT recognized for local traffic technology system

Staff Report~ 7/31/2014

ANTHEM – New SMARTDrive technology could help prevent accidents. Daisy Mountain Drive is a test subject for this program.

Daisy Mountain offers a state-of-the-art field lab for testing new transportation technology systems for vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-roadway communication systems. Maricopa County Department of Transportation’s SMARTDrive Test Bed was selected to be part of the United States Domestic Scan Program’s visit to Arizona to study advances in Integrated Corridor Management.

With this new system, traffic control signals will have two-way communication with emergency vehicles, and the vehicles will be in communication with one another. When one or more emergency response vehicles are approaching an intersection from different directions, the SMARTDrive Intelligent Traffic Signal System will selectively prioritize and notify all approaching emergency vehicles which vehicle has the right-of-way, significantly improving both intersection operation and safety. The MCDOT SMARTDrive Program is a collaborative partnership between Maricopa County and the Arizona Department of Transportation through the Arizona Connected Vehicle Program.

MCDOT Intelligent Transportation Systems Branch Manager Faisal Saleem noted that the Scan Team’s visit to Anthem “demonstrates how SMARTDrive has put MCDOT in the national forefront of the SMART signal system technology transformation.”

“MCDOT’s testing is leading research in emerging technologies to fine tune traffic control systems that, in the very near future, will link all drivers to both their surroundings and other vehicles on the road. This means fewer crashes and more saved lives,” added Saleem.
The MCDOT SMARTDrive Test Bed has garnered national attention since its launch in spring 2012. MCDOT Intelligent Transportation Systems engineers and University of Arizona researchers are on the national forefront developing a vehicle prioritization system that will make signalized intersections safer nationwide for emergency responders and the general public, according to Saleem and UA Systems and Industrial Engineering researcher Dr. Larry Head.
MCDOT’s SMARTDrive Test Bed in Anthem, along with CALTRANS test site in California, were both selected to serve as national test sites for the Intelligent Traffic Signal System applications funded by the US Department of Transportation and the Cooperative Transportation Systems Pooled Fund Study. These sites collect and exchange data to develop and design a test plan to implement system and operational requirements for the futuristic Intelligent Traffic Signal System.