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Norway, the new Scotland!


“He delivers a gift for England’s two-year old Princess Mary, daughter of young Henry VIII, and meets the enigmatic Lady Avery Albergar, the “Ice Maiden” of Queen Catherine’s court…” Beguiling words written by local award-winning author of historical romances, Kris Tualla.  She draws you in with plots of passion, hooks you with unexpected twists, and leaves you riveted to the text through a series of captivating exotic adventures.

Kris began her life’s adventure in Wisconsin, surrounded by Norwegian culture and lore. But when she was introduced to Margaret Mitchell’s Gone With the Wind, as a young adolescent, Kris was so completely enamored, she read the book twice!  From that point on she was hooked on historical romances.  Although it was not until 2006 when Kris discovered Diana Gabaldon’s enormously successful Outlander series she decided to launch into writing her own stories. Now, Kris Tualla is an award winning novelist and working on her fifteenth novel.

Intriguingly, apart from being an avid reader, she was an Art Education major at the University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh, graduating in December 1974. Tired of the extended bleak Wisconsin winters Kris head west to Arizona to thaw out and focus on “writing a new chapter,” for her life. She reflects now during her time studying art, she gained a number of skills for organization, sequencing, illustrating, and composition, all contribute to creating the visual support for her stories today.  When asked how she chose to express her creative talents in the form of writing Kris responds, “In the beginning I had no idea how to write well. When I thought I had finished my first manuscript in 2006, it took another four years to bring it in line with publishable standards.” Obviously persistence and endurance are among Kris’s many strengths. For her efforts, she ended up with her first published novel and a cover quote from her favorite author Diana Gabaldon.

To further inspire her imaginative prose, Kris travels extensively learning about obscure pieces of history. Her favorite region is Europe, thus her historical Norsemen, and the expanding Hansen family. Kris also shares her skills with other authors by attending a number of author conferences across the country as a speaker. She teaches a seminar three times a year at Rio Salado’s RISE program and has taught a class on self-publishing at Arizona State University’s Piper Center for Creative Writing.  Kris is also a co-founder of The Dreams Convention to be held June 1-4, 2017 for “Romance Readers & Authors of All Genres.”
A visit to Kris Tualla’s Web site is a must: There you will find The Hansen Books, signup for “Hot Hansens/Cool Stuff” and see slide shows of Kris’s travel research where she includes explaining how each destination fits into a scene of one of her novels. You’ll come away with the desire to find out why Kris Tualla claims “Norway is the NEW Scotland!”

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