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Local boy dies from heat-related illness after afternoon hike


PHOENIX – First responders airlifted a 12-year-old boy to Phoenix Children’s Hospital after he collapsed on a north Phoenix trail on Friday afternoon. Tragically, the child, local resident Cody Flom, was found in extremely critical condition and passed away at the hospital.

Firefighter/EMTs from Phoenix Fire, Peoria Fire, and Daisy Mountain Fire Departments all responded to the emergency call. The child collapsed in the desert in the Apache Wash Trailhead area near Sonoran Desert Drive, and EMTs transported him out, running him to a medevac helicopter. According to Daisy Mountain Fire Department Captain Dave Wilson, when first responders found the patient, he was breathing but unconscious and in extremely critical condition. It is unknown exactly how much time passed between the child collapsing and being rescued, but first responders estimated he had been down for about 35 minutes.

An adult male family friend had been hiking with Cody that afternoon. According to Phoenix Police, at some point, the child became ill and the adult with him tried to carry him off the trail and could not. The family friend attempted to call for help, but his phone did not work in that area, so he left Cody there and ran to call for help. Police officers said both the adult and the child had at least two liters of water with them during the hike.

Phoenix Police detectives are investigating this case; no further information has been released at this time.