Anthem teen Clayton Stone (pictured) will be competing on the United States junior national cycling team in August.
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The wheels on the bike go round and round

Savannah Tidd~ 7/23/2014

ANTHEM – As summer rolls to a close, not everyone is out buying backpacks, binders and books for school. Anthem teen Clayton Stone is packing and preparing for road cycling races in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Stone will be racing on the United States junior national cycling team, along with five other teenage boys from all over the States. The series of 14 races will begin Aug. 2 and end Aug. 30.

Before those races even begin, Stone will be competing in the Tour de l'Abitibi in Canada that is from July 18 to the 27, which is the largest stage race for ages 17 and 18. He was selected for this race by attending a selection camp in Flagstaff, Ariz., where he made the “A” team that is being sponsored by Waste Management.

In the span of two months, he will be traveling Europe, competing in the sport he loves, and achieving his aspirations.

 “Getting to race in Canada (Tour de l’Abitibi) and making the national team were my goals for this year,” said Stone. “It is a huge opportunity and means a lot to me. It is taking me to the next level towards achieving my long term cycling goals.”

As his dreams come true, he still doesn`t forget where he came from and all who supported him throughout his journey.

“I would like to thank God for making all this possible, my family, and all the great people who have helped me along the way," said Stone.

Surrounding himself with those who care about him is not the only reason he is able to achieve his dreams. He has been putting in hours of training on and off his bike, which will physically prepare him for the many races to come.

Cycling is physically demanding and requires much discipline, including watching what one eats, training year round, and being able to recover properly in order to train again the next day, according to Stone.

Despite these challenges, Stone`s passion for the sport pushes him to keep improving and further his cycling career.

The wheels on his bike will be rolling till the end of August and hopefully first over the finish