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At least 50 photographers will be in Cave Creek Saturday to participate in the 3rd annual Worldwide Photo Walk. The group, which will meet at The Silver Spur at 9 a.m. is being led by Paradise Valley Community College professor Jim Patterson.



National photo event includes Cave Creek shoot

Scott Kelby knows how to organize a party.
On July 18, 2009 the founder of the National Association for Photoshop Professionals drew 32,000 people from around the world.
It was the second such time he had put together a global event.
This year’s free event, the 3rd annual Worldwide Photo Walk, is set for Saturday and for the first time Cave Creek will be one of the sites.
For the second straight year Jim Patterson, a business and I.T. professor at Paradise Valley Community College, will lead a photo walk in
the North Valley.
“Last year we did the event on the Paradise Valley Community College campus,” he said. “We had the maximum 50 people show up for the event. This year I thought that since we now have a presence in the Cave Creek area {Black Mountain Campus, 34250 N. 60th St. in Scottsdale} it would be fun to go up to Cave Creek and have our event there.”
This year’s group will meet at 9 a.m. at The Silver Spur.
Along with shooting in Frontier Town and along the main drag in Cave Creek photographers also will have the opportunity to head over to Cave Creek Museum and shoot there as well.
At the end of the two-hour event the participants will head back to The Silver Spur for lunch and to view everyone’s photos.
“The emphasis is on fun,” Patterson said. “You’ll get a chance to learn from other people interested in photography and meet people from various
walks of life.”
The Paradise Valley professor assures those interested that all levels of experience are welcome.
“We really had it all last year,” he said. “You don’t have to be a pro photographer. Even if people just have a simple point and shoot it will be a fun event. We have a group that came to the event last year that are coming back again this year and they just love to help newbies so it’s an opportunity to pick up some good tips.”
During lunch the group’s photos will be viewed in a slideshow with Patterson being responsible to pick the best shot.
While only the first 50 people to register wil l be eligible to be selected as the winner Patterson said he welcomes everyone to participate in the walk.
The winner will not only get a new Photo Shop book, valued at approximately $30, but their photo will be posted on the national site,, joining the top shots taken around the globe on Saturday.
From there Kelby will pick a grand-prize winner. Last year’s winner was shot in Amphawa, Thailand beating out international pictures from Newcastle, Australia, London, England and Rio De Janeiro, Brazil among others as well as around the United States.
Patterson has a couple of tips for those itching to find an edge with their photography.
“In composing your shot, don’t just stand comfortably,” he said. “Get to a different level than what you’re shooting. Walk 360 degrees around the subject. Get higher than it and shoot down. Get lower than it and shoot up. Look at the various angles. See what’s in the background. See what kind of shadows you have.”
He offers similar advice when shooting people.
“Don’t just shoot with them looking straight at you,” he said. “Shoot a profile shot. Or shoot them so they aren’t even aware you’re taking their photo. You’ll get a lot more natural expressions and reactions.”
Those interested in participating in the event can go to or e-mail Patterson at