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DMFD offering free sandbags to help residents prepare for flooding


NORTH VALLEY – While the north valley has yet to see significant rainfall from this year’s monsoon, residents are still urged to be prepared for storms, and most severe storms usually occur from the middle of July through the middle of August. To help residents prepare for possible flooding, the Daisy Mountain Fire Department is offering free sand and sandbags at Fire Stations 141 (43814 N New River Rd) and 146 (3116 W New River Rd).

When a violent monsoon storm strikes, there isn’t time to do much preparation, so having sandbags on-hand and ready to be used can be helpful. Almost three years ago, New River was hit by an exceptional storm that caused widespread flooding and necessitated multiple water rescues. Five years ago, Anthem was hit hard with an extreme monsoon storm, as well.

To help prepare for the monsoon, pick up free sandbags and sand from DMFD Stations 141 and 146. If possible, please visit during normal business hours. If no one is at the station, crews may be out helping others in the community.

For tips on using sand bags, visit