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Dreamchaser rescue horses reunited

Staff Report~ 7/16/2014

NEW RIVER – Dreamchaser Horse Rescue is the place for love stories. Horse love stories, anyway.

Neveah the mustang and Big Red the ex-racehorse were recently reunited, and they’re thrilled to be back together.

When Neveah was brought home to Dreamchaser from a BLM auction, she and Big Red bonded immediately. Big Red protected the new filly from the older, bolder horses, and Neveah was content to stick close to her new friend. They became an item at Dreamchaser!

However, Big Red had already been adopted by Dreamchaser volunteer Patti and was still at Dreamchaser while his new digs were being prepared for him. After a few months, it was time for Big Red to move to his new home. Neveah and Big Red were separated.

A year passed; Neveah moved in to the left turnout, and never made another friend who she loved as much as Big Red. Sharon, Dreamchaser long time volunteer, has loved Neveah for a long while and recently decided to adopt her. Sharon will be boarding Neveah with Big Red, just a short walk away from Dreamchaser. When Big Red realized who it was coming down the road, he began running back and forth in his corral, unable to contain his excitement!

How’s that for a happy ending? Everyone at Dreamchaser is happy that these two horses not only have their new forever homes with their wonderful human parents, but that they will get to remain together. Congratulations to Sharon and Neveah (and Big Red too)!