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DVUSD adopts 2014-15 budget

Elizabeth Medora~ 7/16/2014

PHOENIX – The Deer Valley Unified School District has approved a budget for the upcoming school year.

The budget accounts for a decrease in enrollment, staffing increases for full-day kindergarten, and other changes from the 2013-14 school year. Positively affecting the budget is Maricopa County’s housing valuation increase.

Maricopa County homes have seen an upswing in value. According to the Maricopa County Assessor’s Office, the tax year 2015 full cash value for the median single family home in the county is now $160,000. This has risen from $128,000 for year 2014. Homeowners will be seeing a small increase, in most cases about $20, on tax bills. This extra money will be benefiting entities that receive tax funds, including the DVUSD. To see more on valuation reports, visit www.

The DVUSD approved their 2014-15 budget at a July 8 special budget meeting. Other issues discussed at this meeting included adjacent ways funds that will be used to prepare roadways that border new school grounds in the Sonoran Foothills area. These funds will be used to create access points for the DVUSD parcel of land where the new school will be built.

The July governing board meeting followed the budget meeting.

The meeting opened with reports from the governing board members. Governing board vice president Kelly Gorman noted that he wanted to express appreciation to fellow board members for their service, as well as district employees and stakeholders.

“I want to thank fellow board members for their service. I also want to recognize the employees of the district,” said Gorman. “I also want to thank voters and stakeholders for coming to our meeting and watching our governing board function.”

During this meeting, the governing board voted on and approved the 2014-15 budget with a 5-0 vote.

Also brought up at this meeting was the issue of the minutes of the June 10 meeting. Governing board member Michael Gregoire objected to the summarizing of the minutes.

“There were points I wanted on the record,” said Gregoire. “Some of them were negative. It appears that the official minutes were edited.”

Gregoire noted that he had kept a bullet point list of his June 10 comments and would reiterate them if necessary.

“I want these comments on the official record – if not then, now,” he added.

Governing board president Ann Ordway noted repeatedly that the minutes of the meeting are a summary, not word-for-word quotes. She also noted that the main points Gregoire had raised were included in the minutes and that full meetings are offered via audio on the district Web site.

“What was not included?” Ordway asked Gregoire.

Gregoire continued to state that he would reiterate the comments and wanted them in the official record.

Board member Christy Agosta stated that the meeting minutes are “always simply a summary.”

“My comments have never been in here word for word,” Agosta said.

Vice president Gorman noted that it was “not proper to discuss these items at this time,” as the motion on the table was whether or not to enter the minutes into the official record. According to Arizona meeting laws, the board can only discuss items on the agenda. Since Gregoire’s reiteration of his comments were not on the agenda, the issue would have to be put on a future meeting agenda and addressed at that time.
Gregoire’s comments concerned performance pay for the DVUSD superintendent and what evaluation was used to offer that performance pay. He also criticized the work of other board members. These issues will be raised again at the next board meeting if the item is put on the meeting agenda.

The next governing board meeting will be Tuesday, Aug. 12. For more information, see