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Alene Geed: ‘Inside the Mind of a Jewelry Designer’

Staff Report~ 7/16/2014

PHOENIX – Life is full of choices, modern philosophers may muse, and it’s in making choices we build and remodel the life we live.  Well, they have not become acquainted with the “artist spirit” of jewelry designer Alene Geed.  As Alene sees it, “Any artist you speak with will likely tell you that they have no choice in creating their art, no matter the medium, they simply must!”  In other words, the art chooses them. According to Alene, “Creating art is not a choice like other careers; it is a “calling” that dominates your waking moments and sometimes your sleep – it’s an obsession.”

Alene’s journey began in 1994 when she took on creating her own jewelry.  Her first designs were memory wire bracelets.  The bracelets were made of multiple coils that became real eye catchers for the wearer and presented endless possibilities for designer Alene.  This process moved her into ever more intricate designs, expanding her use of materials.  She became a frequent visitor to bead stores, and shows gathering, not only materials and equipment but ideas and new techniques as well. 

By 2007, Alene was ready to take the leap into silversmithing, a whole new world of possibilities opened.  Her preferred medium is now copper, silver, and gemstones.  This year, she copyrighted her signature process called “Sprinkled Silver.  The style combines sterling silver with copper in a creative and unique way.

Often, Alene is asked what inspires her. She will share with you that her “inspiration comes from many places and things.”  For example, it might be an image in nature, a shape, line, or perhaps the colors of a region, such as a Southwest influence.  Sometimes, Alene picks up design ideas in another person, the direction, texture, or composition of a feeling or presence that is reflected in a piece.  An example of this is her series of earrings modeled after three women in Alene’s life: the “Elegance” in the Peggy earring, “The Natural” in the Marilyn earring, and the “Feminine” in the Melanie earring.  Alene has a way of incorporating the energy of people and environments, turning them into beautifully rendered pieces of art.

The journey of creation has inspired yet another project. In 2012, Alene published her first book ‘Inside the Mind of a Jewelry Designer,’ chronicling her journey into passion and creativity.  She observes, since becoming a jewelry designer, she became fascinated with the way the mind works while creating.  She discovered the creative process it takes to design jewelry is identical to the process for designing a life of purpose.

Alene works in her home studio while maintaining her career in marketing, a combination that is a “marriage made in heaven.” She maintains an online store of her designs and has an extremely active social media presence.  Alene is also represented by Graffia Gallery in Michigan.  To see more of Alene Geed’s designs, order her book or commission a one of a kind masterpiece for yourself or a loved one, visit her Web site at or e-mail her at