Pictured is Wee ‘B’ Stylin owner DeMasseo’s own dog enjoying some after-grooming time in The Showtime Room.
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Tails wagging for new pet salon

Staff Report~ 7/9/2014

NEW RIVER – The dogs of the north valley have a new grooming option in Wee ‘B’ Stylin Pet Salon, located off New River Road, east of 15th Avenue.

“We offer different services for them other than just the grooming,” said Annette DeMasseo, owner of Wee ‘B’ Stylin, which opened on June 4. DeMasseo described the salon as offering several services that spas offer.

“We have warm wraps for the dogs on the request of the client,” she noted. “We have conditioning treatments and special lotion for their pads and their noses to soften that skin.”
Wee ‘B’ Stylin offers free nail trims with all grooming services. The salon grooms dogs of all sizes.

Doggy clients get some special services at Wee ‘B’ Stylin. The salon has what DeMasseo has termed ‘The Showtime Room,’ where dogs lounge after their grooming.

“There’s a TV and beds in there, and they watch movies until their owner comes to get them,” DeMasseo said. “They’ve just been pampered, they’ve had their treat, and now they watch their movie.”

DeMasseo has years of experience as a groomer, and she’s excited to make a go of her New River shop.

“I’ve always wanted it to be personal for the dogs,” DeMasseo noted. “I always get down with the dogs and greet them.”

Check out Wee ‘B’ Stylin Pet Salon, located at 47027 N. New River Road, and receive a free nail trim with any grooming service. To schedule an appointment, call (623) 208-0185.