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Local screenwriter’s new TV miniseries premiering online


Elizabeth Medora

ANTHEM – “CON is a story about truth told by those who lie the most.” So goes the tagline for new TV miniseries CON, premiering online next month.

Screenwriting students Amy Suto and Jen Enfield-Kane have created this new dramatic miniseries, profiling con artists Iris, a fast-talking lone wolf, and Jonah, the idealistic architect. Season 1 will follow the pair as they decide who to trust – and who to betray. The series will debut in August on Trojan Vision’s Web site.

“We have six episodes coming out for season one,” explained Suto, who is currently a student at the University of Southern California. “If we get green-lit for season two, we have four 30-minute episodes we’d like to air. We’d love to do a season two, and our cast is on board for season two, so we’re hoping that that can move forward.

CON stars Nicole Dambro, Joey Livingston, Portia Juliette, and Chae Talley.
“We’re very lucky to have this entire cast on board,” Suto said.

CON will premiere in August. A definite date has not yet been set, but it will be announced on the show’s Web site: and the show’s Facebook page:, CON Trojan Vision TV Miniseries.

Suto and Enfield-Kane have both worked on student-run shows before. Both of them are in their final year of USC screenwriting classes. The inspiration for CON came from a class the co-executive producers took together.

“Jen and I both took this really interesting class at USC,” said Suto. The class involved information security and protecting yourself from con artists. Through the class, Suto and Enfield-Kane got a new perspective on the world of con artistry.

“We thought it would be really interesting to base a show off of what we were learning in our class,” Suto said.

Suto formerly lived in Anthem and frequently returns for visits during school breaks.

“My family’s in Anthem, and I love coming back to visit,” Suto shared. “In high school, I used to make all of these short films, and all of my friends would be in them. Anthem has definitely played a huge role in how I’ve become a filmmaker.”

“It was a media production teacher in high school who really encouraged me in filmmaking,” said Suto, who is a former Boulder Creek High School student.

After graduation from USC, Suto says she plans to “continue doing what I love.”

“I’ll be keeping in touch with people in my hometown, and I’m going to continue writing, which is what I love to do more than anything else.”

Suto encourages students interested in filmmaking to get as much practice in the field as possible. 

“Make as many films as you possibly can, because practice is key to learning,” Suto emphasized. “Making mistakes early on will help you learn and grow. There’s no wrong way to make a film.”

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