North Valley authors publish fiction thrillers

Staff Report ~ 7/8/2010

A pair of North Valley residents have recently published new books. For Anthem resident Lance Noel, “The Ghost of Lone Jack”, a historical fiction adventure aimed at young adult readers, was his first book. For New River’s James Frayne “The Strain Ten Corollary”, is his second book.
Noel won the 2010 Arizona Book (Glyph) Award for Young Adult Fiction in May. Published by Spinning Moon Press, The Ghosts of Lone Jack is Noel’s debut Young Adult novel.
The Ghosts of Lone Jack, the first in a series of historical fiction adventures geared towards young adult readers, is his first book release. Book two in the series is slated for release in the summer of 2011.
The Ghosts of Lone Jack introduces ten-year-old protagonist Jared Millhouse. Content to spend a quiet, uneventful summer on his grandfather’s farm in Lone Jack, Missouri, Jared will soon learn that the ghosts of Lone Jack have other plans. With the help of his grandfather and a colorful cast of local characters, Jared uncovers the truth about the Civil War battle that trapped so many bloodthirsty ghosts in Lone Jack.
The Ghosts of Lone Jack delivers a blend of past and present, fantasy and reality, and fact and fiction. The book earned a spot as one of ten national finalists for the Independent Book Publisher Association’s Book of the Year for Young Adult Fiction.
Frayne’s book deals with fallout from frustration with the system's inability to protect Arizona's borders from illegal immigrants.
In The Strain Ten Corollary, the antagonist Abel Townsend is a millionaire biotech genius who takes matters into his own hands. Townsend's plan is to create a Palestinian homeland on Arizona's southern border as a barrier against the influx of illegal immigrants and use a strain of parasites he has nearly perfected to not only control specified human behavior but also secure support for the creation of this new homeland ... and he will stop at nothing to achieve his dream.

In opposition to Townsend is Kellie Crowkiller, an Arizona-based FBI agent on the Special Drug Interdiction Force. She first stumbles onto Townsend's plot when she finds the headless and handless corpses of four Mexican drug runners strewn across an arroyo in the Sonoran desert. But it is not until later that she truly becomes aware of the long-term and international ramifications of her discovery.

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