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Prepare your property for monsoons; free sandbags available through DMFD


NORTH VALLEY – As the monsoon season begins, prepare for possible flooding. Free sand and sandbags are being offered at two local Daisy Mountain Fire Department stations.

Arizona monsoon storms vary in intensity, but usually involve wind, blowing dust, and rain. Sometimes the thunderstorms are brutal, delivering damaging wind, reducing visibility to near zero, then torrential rain, followed by flash flooding. The most severe storms usually occur from the middle of July through the middle of August. Portions of New River were severely impacted during the August 2014 storm, and the flooding that resulted. Just two years before that storm, many parts of Anthem were hit hard, with one neighborhood experiencing extreme flooding.

If you’re concerned with flooding, prepare your property ahead of time. Daisy Mountain Fire Department has free sand and sandbags at Fire Stations 141 (43814 N New River Rd) and 146 (3116 W New River Rd). If possible, please visit during normal business hours. Be patient, if no one is at the station, crews may be out helping others in the community.

For tips on using sand bags, visit