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New River Kiwanis announces it’s time to ‘sign up’ for Welcome to New River sign


Courtesy of New River Kiwanis

NEW RIVER – The Welcome to New River sign that is located just east of the I-17/New River Road intersection has been getting a makeover, and now it’s time to get new small signs placed on the large board sign. Local businesses are encouraged to “sign up” and get placed on this longtime New River landmark.

The initial sign cost and contract is $800, and annual sign maintenance is $195.

The New River Kiwanis is trying to keep costs down by using one black font (overall) with two colors for logo, if necessary. AZ State Signs has been contracted for the necessary maintenance of the monument sign and creation of the new business signs (60"W x 9"H). Completion should be approximately 3-4 weeks, and space is limited, so the time is now to "sign up"!

This is a wonderful opportunity for a small business for so many reasons:

So Many Customers! The location is approached from three directions on the I-17 Frontage Rd. at a stop sign that allows time for viewing. You’d be amazed at the amount of traffic in this location! 

Amazing Advertising Cost! You can't beat the cost of reaching that many folks!

Community Involved Businesses! Obviously, since the Kiwanis Club of New River sponsors the sign, anyone "hanging their shingle" alongside is welcome to promote themselves as a contributing member of our community. In fact, our club would welcome anyone interested in furthering their community involvement! 

Personal Experience! Our sign (Gutowski Cabinets) has been up since the monument was erected. There have been countless times it was a conversation starter ("Hey! I saw your name up on the sign!"). It has given us instant recognition for our company which is an asset for any business.

To find out more about advertising your business on the Kiwanis Welcome to New River sign, call (623) 465-5802 or email for further information on this great advertising opportunity for your business.